Package com.stringsandints.inventium.khlrooster

Class Summary
DisclaimerActivity This class is responsible for the application's disclaimer.
EditNote This activity provides the possibility to edit a Note.
EditNotification This Activity provides the possibility to edit a notification.
ImageFlipper The imageFlipper is a gallery for the images to flip through.
ImgAdaptor This adaptor is specially created to make optimal use of the gallery and make this component on the screen as efficient as possible.
Khlrooster Main screen of the application This will show a visual representation of the schedule.
LessonDetail LessonDetail is an activity.
LessonEditor This class is the Activity wherein users can select their lessons.
LessonManagement This Activity is started after the user chooses the option 'Lesson Management' in the menu.
LessonSoundProfileSettings LessonSoundProfileSettings is the Activity that gets started after the option 'Lesson sound profile' was chosen in the settings menu.
NotificationList This Activity displays a list of all the notifications that are created.
Utils.ConnectionStatus ConnectionStatus
Utils.SyncStatus SyncStatus values